Load test report generation

Extract the right data for the right people

Agileload Report designer is an automatic report creation and editing tool allows you to prepare, even before the launch of a battery of tests, models of reports that you can personalize (presentation, contents). You can also automatically correlate different types of measurements, combining them on the same graph, applying statistical functions, and creating your own tables by inserting the desired measurements: all the data is available to create your own report models.

With Agileload you can create fully customizable and reusable reports templates which can be used for any test run  at the push of a button for the benefit of a particular user : database administrator, management ect...  

Main features :

  • Large volume of data 

Agileload is capable of instantaneous display, sorting and filtering of data lists of over a million lines.

  • Graphical display 

Agileload provides a wide range of visualization options for the graphical display of test results : Graphs overlay, automatic scale management, axis definition, 12 statistical functions (average, moving average, etc), zoom, edition of legends, and many other features.

  • Export capability 

Data lists can be exported to the HTML or Excel formats, and graphs can be exported to various standard image formats for later insertion in professional looking reports.

  • Comparing test results 

Execute a load test, analyze the results, identify performance bottlenecks and optimize your application. Execute again the load test and compare the results from both test executions to validate the optimized application.

  • Automatic generation of test reports 

Agileload can automatically organize graphs, summary reports and detailed lists into reports in an HTML format.

  • HTML  report editor 

Agileload features an HTML document editor so that you can produce custom HTML reports.

  • Generate microsoft Word report

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