Recording of user scenarios

Design your load test scenarios fast with the capture Interface

This scenario capture module offers 3 different capture methods and therefore ensures optimal compatibility with all of your applications. It enables the capture of web transaction measurements (HTTP/HTTPS), of Web Services flows (XML or SOAP) or TCP flows (LDAP, FTP, SMTP, POP3...). In the same way, parallel flows or persistent connections (certain Java/Active X components installed on the browser use persistent connections) can be captured. The time users spend thinking is detected during the recording phase and the measurement points are automatically inserted in the script. 

The tool can learn complicated transactions and lets you record real user scenarios without programming knowledge

Load test recording 

Automatic recording of test scenarios

Multi-task sessions of any browser on the market can be recorded precisely through an intuitive graphical user interface along with user interactions.

HTTP tunnel capture

Agileload can be used to test browser-free direct inter applications communications as it supports the recording of the http flow between application components.

Next Scripting and advanced features

Load test scenario creation

Learn how to capture user scenario, make your load test script data driven, make modular scenarios, extract data from script, teach agileload how to manage dynamic parameters ect...

Load test setup and run

Learn how to design, execute and analyse a load test in AgileLoad. Define virtual users scenarios, ramp up, iteration, rendez-vous points, SLA... with Agile load

Agent based monitoring

Learn how to diagnose performance problems by setting up performance montior specifics to your application and infrastructure with Agile load

Load test reporting and analysis

Learn how to manage your loas test anomalies list, build your custom reports templates and generate powerful load test resports with Agile load