Simulate realistic user load

Simulate realistic user load with Agileload load injection engine 

The Agileload load injection engine is extremely efficient and stable. It benefits from "thread pools" technology and "asynchronous I/O". The special care devoted to the design of this injection engine enables it to ensure important load levels on standard hardware. Optimal management of the memory has reduced the needs for each virtual user to 125Ko of RAM.

Distributed load injectors 

Agileload can generate load by thousands of virtual users from one single load injector and multiplies this capability by supporting simultaneous load generation by several distributed remote injectors.

IP spoofing 

The IP spoofing feature allows the allocation of a different IP address to each virtual user. This is important for example to support the testing of load balanced applications. The IP generator included in Agileload makes it easier by automatically associating a set of IP addresses to an injector host.

TrueLoad simulation 

The Agileload use of Trueload technology provides and accurate simulation of users and browser behavior during a load test.


Agileload offers the possibility to dynamically define the behavior of load injectors in order to ease and speed up the detection of the performance thresholds of an application. 

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