Script Tab

The scripts tab will display all the scripts that make up the Task Group scenario.

Script Tab

In this Task Group scenario there is only one script which is displayed in the screenshot, it is set to run a single iteration per Task Group iteration and have a delay of between 30s – 60s at the end of each script iteration execution (this will never be activated as there is only a single iteration of this script in the case).

Termination: The number of script iterations or the duration of execution is set here. In the case of duration being set for example to 15 minutes (900s) the script will run continuously for 15 minutes for every iteration that the Task Group executes.

Iterations / Duration: The numbers of iterations to execute of the number of seconds to execute for per iteration of the Task Group.

Delay Type: If required a delay can be set either fixed or variable between each execution of the script, this can be useful to spread out the user actions.

Delay Min / Delay Max: The delay range if delay type is set to variable.

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