Performance symptoms and issues

Symptoms of web application performance problems

  • Long user response time
  • Long server response time
  • Memory leaks
  • High CPU usage
  • Too many open connections 
  • Length queues for requests
  • Too many table scans of database
  • Database deadlocks
  • Erroneous data returned
  • HTTP errors
  • Pages not available

Typical database problems

  • Insufficient indexing : Tune database indexing to improve query processing
  • Fragmented databases : Place table records into adjacent pages
  • Out-of-date statistics :Degrade query optimizer performance
  • Faulty application design : Excessive DB calls, excessive data requests

Typical Web Server problems

  • Poor server design : Inefficient data or page caching
  • Memory problems : Physical memory constraints
  • High CPU usage : Usage >70% indicates problems

Typical app server problems

  • Poor database tuning : Application server sending too many DB requests
  • Poor cache management : Produces high CPU usage, disk access
  • Poor session management :  Produces high CPU usage, disk access, Time-outs
  • Poor security design : Excessive use of https protocol

Network problems

Potential sources of network problems:
  • Firewall throughput
  • Internet access throughput
  • Load balancers, gateways, routers

Typical order of fixes

  1. Improve current application design : Algorithms, caching, DB calls, memory use
  2. Upgrade hardware : RAM, CPU, network bandwidth
  3. Upgrade software infrastructure : OS, web server, database
  4. Upgrade system architecture : Client-server to basic n-tier, basic n-tier to enterprise n-tier, software and hardware changes

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